S. A. Hall, Author of fantasy and Sci-Fi

   I am a father, husband, author, and outdoorsman. I love to write and show everyone my imagination and what goes through my mind. I spend a lot of time at work and try to make the most of my time there planning the nest adventure for my characters. I spend to much time on twitter with other authors discussing our trait and my daily life. I spend a lot of tie hunting and fishing with my family. My daughter is a big hunter with me although she is only 5, she can shoot a bow straight.

   When it comes to writing, I am the author of Keepers of the Kingdom Chronicles #1 First Strike and proud of my first ebook. You can find it on any ereader and I love to hear your comments.

   Thank you for stopping by my blog and page and I hope to hear from you.

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Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy)
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