The Internet is Back

      Ok now that my internet is back on, I will continue with my Character Blogs. Possible do some other kinds of blogs. Still new with it and learning. Going to make this site home base for now until I get my website going. Then Ill move to there and post links on here.

     So just a quick heads up. Almost completed the second book of Keepers and of the Kingdom Chronicles. Hope to have it up for sale in July. Then the Third should be out in December. Also in December will come the three books together in one volume.

     Lastly I want to end with a question for those who are better at all this. When I start a website up, and get a news letter going. What would you want as the reader or writer, want to see in it or expect to have in it?

     Thank you everyone for the new follows and for the patients of the Internet. New blogs will be done on Wednesday evenings. Thank you.