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   I am a father, husband, author, and outdoorsman. I love to write and show everyone my imagination and what goes through my mind. I spend a lot of time at work and try to make the most of my time there planning the nest adventure for my characters. I spend to much time on twitter with other authors discussing our trait and my daily life. I spend a lot of tie hunting and fishing with my family. My daughter is a big hunter with me although she is only 5, she can shoot a bow straight.

   When it comes to writing, I am the author of Keepers of the Kingdom Chronicles #1 First Strike and proud of my first ebook. You can find it on any ereader and I love to hear your comments.

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Character Analysis

Keepers of the Kingdom Chronicles #1 First Strike - S. A. Hall

  Character : Ryder


          Ryder was born a man with no power to call his own. He was born and raised in the town of Dentelia. As a young boy, his father took him out into the woods hunting. His father trained him stalk wild game to within feet. His ability to read tracks in the dried dirt astounded his father. Ryder could tell you down to the minute of when that animal had been there. He was in tune with nature more than any normal human had been.

          Ryder married at the age of 29 and shortly after his wife, Kayla, gave birth to a baby girl. They named the girl Saydee in respect of his great grandmother. He continued to live in Dentelia with his family and used his tracking ability for the King of Men many times when called. He helped capture wanted criminals and in training young men to also track their prey.

          This ability from his youth later came into play when he was a Scout in mans Denkar army. Ryder was 36 years old when we was called into battle for his race. They were raging a yet another war with the Elves. The Dwarves were also allies with Man and aided in the battles. When Ryder was called forth, he was assigned his own party. HIs mission was get behind enemy lines and lead a strike on the home city of the Elves. He hand chose 15 well trained scouts and hired assassins. They were all called forth to the army for their great abilities. Ryder was known through the land as the Stalker and his new comrades had great respect for him.

           Once the time came, Ryder left Denkar, the city of men, and went south. His wife and daughter came with him to Denkar and stayed their in town and awaited his return. But that return never came.

            After traveling south for a week, they were ambushed by the enemy. They swore the Elves had found their scouting party and planned to end their lives. Their thoughts were almost true. In this attack, Ryder died. Everything flashed before him and his life seemed to be over, but it was held.

           2 years past after the scouting party went missing. In this time, the Elven army and the army of Men came to a truce. They learned of the real threat to all living races. The Shadow. Ryder awoke from what seemed a deep sleep and found himself back in the same place he had died. He felt different but the feeling came and went. Another week went by in his life as he fought to get back to Denkar, and his family.


            Thank you for reading. Next week I will finish this background on Ryder.

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     So just a quick heads up. Almost completed the second book of Keepers and of the Kingdom Chronicles. Hope to have it up for sale in July. Then the Third should be out in December. Also in December will come the three books together in one volume.

     Lastly I want to end with a question for those who are better at all this. When I start a website up, and get a news letter going. What would you want as the reader or writer, want to see in it or expect to have in it?

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Character Analysis

  1. Character: Aya
  2. From Keepers of the Kingdom Chronicles


         Aya grew up with her fellow people, the Elementals, her entire life. She never ventured from the Elemental Island and was never encouraged to. As a young girl, she was predetermine to be a water reader and nothing else. You were not given a choice of the element you were follow or the choice to rewrite it. Never was a Elemental aloud to try to rewrite a elements actions. To do so was a crime and the punishment was eternal imprisonment.

        Aya enjoyed her teachings of reading water and what it had to say. When taught correctly, an Elemental could tell you what had been in the water and when. They could also tell you of the past. Each water cell hold its peice of history and its own memories, but only the Elders had that kind of wisdom and ability.

      As Aya got older, she began to play with rewriting her element. She did it in Secret with her friend Lunna Wind, the high Elders great grand daughter. Aya and Lunna would read the way their elements would move and then rewrite then to move the way they wanted them to. Aya would pull moisture from the plants, killing small weeds in the process, into a small ball of water. Lunna would take a small bit a fire from a candle. Lunna would set a peice of clothe on fire and Aya would put it out with her small water ball. They would pratice daily without being caught, but as they got older, they got braver. One day they ventured out to the coast, where people seldom went, and decided to do the biggest test yet. Lunna had brought a small fire bundle with only a coal burning inside and Aya would use the sea.

     Lunna laid her fire bunddle down thought hard on the coal and slowly grew it to engulf the bundle and a nearby row boat. Aya brought forth the water from the sea and brought a wave crashing down on the vessel. Only Lunna lost her control of the fire and the water did not put it out. Lunna screamed fire shot off onto the shore, catching the trees on fire. The girls began to panic when Ryder came walking onto the shore.

      That was when Ryder and Aya first met and he seen from her the same spark he seen in the Sentinels. From there he followed from Aya and what she had learned from the water element. As for the fire on the beach. Ryder helped them put the fire out and helped Aya hone her water ability. Lunna hid from her friend and from the villiage. She was never seen or heard from after leaving the beach that. day.

       Aya later left with Ryder and denied the ways she had been raised and chose to go her own way. Aya would later become one of the most powerful Sentinels ever known.


My first ebook
My first ebook

         This is the cover of my first book. I did the design myself and I am thinking about having a pro do the rest. I did alright but want profesional quality.

First blog...... kinda

 Being a new author I find myself getting discourage a lot. Freinds and family do their best to encourge me, but still I second guess my writing. Yes us authors are erogant and think that everyone wants to read what we write, but the truth is.... they dont. We are fragile creatures that dont let our pride show. But despite my doubts of my ability to write, i continue doing what I enjoy. I know there are people somewhere that want to read my stories, just got to find them.

   This is my first blog and i am going to try to keep one now ont heis page and maybe start my own author website and have a blog page. we shall see. Thank you for the read.

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